Atari to Back First Ever Videogame Theme Park

Game NationA videogame theme park dream has at last gained the serious backing it needed to push it from being a distant possibility to a credible venture.

Atari is now backing Game Nation, an upcoming Theme Park and Resort themed around videogames. The support from Atari means that the resort’s attractions won’t have to be based off their own creations, but can now also feature any of Atari’s many classic video game brands. Hopefully this will lend a lot more credibility to Game Nation and the amazing feat they have set out to achieve.

For those of you who don’t already know, Game Nation is attempting to build, as they put it; “the world’s first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort”, where visitors “will become players as their dreams and fantasies come to life in adventures yet to be told.” Game Nation plans to execute this idea by giving videogame-style ‘quests’ to ‘players’ (visitors). These quests may include riding certain rides or playing certain games. The quests are set to end with what Game Nation is cryptically calling a “boss fight”, the reward for beating the boss as of yet unknown – points towards goods sold in the park’s shops maybe?

Up until now, however, all of the announced quest-lines have been of Game Nation’s own creation. This is set to change with Atari’s support. The result of this is that Game Nation is less likely to devolve into a simple theme park with an interesting twist.

I can only hope an Asteroids quest is announced some time soon.

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