Freebird Games Takes Us On a Journey To The Moon

Freebird Games is pleased to announce To The Moon. To The Moon is slated for release Fall 2011. It is an adventure game that could possibly have RPG elements and a large emphasis on story telling.

The storyline goes as such: Two doctors have the ability to rework someone’s memories so that they lived the exact life that they wanted. The only problem is that the life they create in memory will be final; as in, the last thing one remembers will be just that.

I believe this can bring some great moralistic questions in terms of such a technology being possible. If one could change their lives, what would they do? Seek fame? Seek love? Is it even the right thing to do, since it’s only memories and life doesn’t actually change?

I’m really excited for this game. I enjoy games that immerse players in story-telling. While an adventure game with RPG elements isn’t exactly new ground, the plot line of the story seems to be wholly original. It’s reminiscent of the film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. My anticipation for the game is also fueled by the soundtrack that is composed by Laura Shigihara, of Plants vs. Zombies fame. Look out for this potential diamond in the rough.

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