League of Legends Season Two to Feature $5 Million in Prizes

Following League of Legends officially being added to the ESL, MLG and WCG circuits, plans for Season Two are already being announced.

The Season One championship at Dreamhack featured a grand prize of $50,000. Season Two’s total prizes will be 100 times that.

“The money will be funding prizing for local, national and international tournaments to foster and grow the League of Legends eSports scene”.

Starting with Season Two, there will be weekly livestreams of ongoing regional tournaments in North America and Europe.

The substantial amount of money added to the total of Season Two prizes seems like a move to take a bit of the spotlight away from DotA 2′s $1 million prize tournament at Gamescom this week.

I just hope that I can find a tournament close enough to compete in.

Season two starts this fall, Summoners.


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