Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Taking to the Cloud

Cloud GamingMost of the big names in gaming are coming together to discuss Cloud Gaming.

Cloud Gaming is the idea of streaming game play. This is done by providing players with a tiny client that allows them to gain access to the game, while the game itself runs on a separate server.

This system seems like a win win situation for all involved: players get a game that runs at an optimum speed due to the game running on the game developer’s server, and at the same time there is close to zero chance of piracy for the game developer, as long as they are willing to provide substantial server security. It also means that players with less powerful machines can play games that require a lot more power, as Gaikai demonstrated in 2010 by running WoW on an iPhone via Cloud Gaming. However the technology is far from perfect, elements like bandwidth severely affecting the quality of play.

This is where the Cloud Gaming conference comes in. The biggest names in gaming, which include Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, are coming together at the Cloud Gaming conference to try and work out some answers to the problems with the technology.

The implications are huge. If Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all see potential in this new technology then game disks could be a thing of the past. Additionally the degree to which the next generation of consoles feature this technology, revolves around this conference. After all, Sony are well known for embracing new technology and Nintendo still have a year to make any modifications to the WiiU they please.

All we know for certain is that it is going to be interesting to see how this all pans out at the Cloud Gaming conference on 7th and 8th September 2011.