CS:GO – Console Commands, Customization and Matchmaking

Counter-StrikeJeff Pobst, CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment, spoke to GAMElitist regarding the possibility of console commands in the PC, 360 and PS3 versions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He also talked about how cross-platform matchmaking would work.

Console commands were useful in previous Counter-Strike games for changing certain background settings that affected performance and latency. Console commands were also useful for cosmetic reasons like showing an FPS meter or changing your crosshair’s transparency, size and color settings.

Will the PC version of CSGO retain the ‘console’ feature?

Jeff: Yes, on the PC version of CS:GO, there will be a console and similar abilities to adjust the game as exists in previous versions of Counter-Strike. One thing we’re excited about for the community and fair play is that players will now have the option to connect to Valve servers where many of those settings changes will actually be disabled, thereby ensuring a more fair match experience between players. But, they’ll also be able to choose to connect to other servers where they can play with whatever settings they’d like.

Will the console versions of CSGO have the ‘console’ feature?

Jeff: At this point in time we don’t have plans for a text entry console on the PS3 & Xbox 360 as it likely would have a tough time passing through the platform certification process.

Is ranked matchmaking going to be platform specific (PS3 only rankings, PC only rankings) or will it be a combination?

Jeff: Ranked matchmaking is linked across the PC, PS3 and Mac platforms, and is independent on the Xbox. We’re very excited about being able to match players together across platforms based on their skill. If a person is an amazing controller player, they’ll be playing against the right level of mouse and keyboard players that give each person a fair chance to win.

It looks like the skinning and modding scene will remain intact in CS:GO, at least for the PC version. As Jeff has said, “..there will be a console and similar abilities to adjust the game as exists in previous versions of Counter-Strike.”

I use to change the skins and models of my weapons all the time and I’m sure many people are expecting the same kind of skinning support that was present in past Counter-Strike titles.

Interestingly, PC players will be able to connect to ‘pure’ CS:GO servers that don’t allow console command nonsense, if they so wish. This is good news for players that want to make sure that everyone is playing on an even field.

It’s a shame that PS3 and 360 players won’t be able to readily access a text entry console. This was the answer I expected but I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

The matchmaking decision makes sense and people have likely already heard about the 360′s exclusivity as a platform. Does this mean that the PC and PS3 versions are the ones to get? Let us know what your thoughts are by writing a comment.

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