New Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle is Live

Frozen Synapse BundleThe folks at Humble Bundle are back again with another great deal. This time around they’re letting you set the price on Frozen Synapse, a game that normally costs $25. You will also receive the Frozen Synapse soundtrack.

That’s not all though. If you beat the current average ($11.56 right now), you will also receive the Frozenbyte Bundle (normally $45 separately). The Frozenbyte Bundle was being given out this past April, so this is a great chance to get some more quality games if you missed it the first time.

The Frozenbyte Bundle includes:

  • Trine
  • Shadowgrounds
  • Shadowgrounds: Survivor
  • Splot
  • Jack Claw

As always, you can designate how your money is split. Maybe throw a little to the great guys at Humble Bundle?

Update: The average is currently $4.43. This is truly a steal.