Nintendo Sued Over Wii Remote

Wii RemoteIt looks like the video games giant, Nintendo, may be in trouble over its Wii Remote.

The company UltimatePointer claims to have patented their “Easily Deployable Interactive Direct-Pointing System and Presentation Control System and Calibration Method” before Nintendo released their Wii console in 2005. This pointer has been the basis of Nintendo’s console for almost six years and is set to form an integral part of the WiiU console if the E3 demos were anything to go by.

Not only has UltimatePointer sued Nintendo, they also plan to sue all the retailers who have ever sold a product containing a Wii remote in the US. The list includes GameStop, Best Buy and Sears. Surely they must be planning to target Sony as well; after all, the Move also fits the patent description as much as the Wii remote.

However, UltimatePointer don’t really have much of a case. After all, they were only applying for a patent in 2005, whereas Nintendo had already put years of development behind the controller at that point. Also their product isn’t even on sale yet. So technically, they haven’t lost anything in sales to Nintendo and Nintendo didn’t copy their idea either.

Nintendo has had its fill of other companies attempting to make money off their alleged infringement of patent laws in the past, in fact the last one occurred earlier this month with ThinkOptical. Some how I doubt that this will be much of a stumbling block.