3DS Games to Soon Feature DLC

Nintendo 3DSOver the course of the next year or so, the Nintendo 3DS is going to experience some radical (for Nintendo) new updates.

This includes DLC that can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop, free demos of games, and the eShop to continue to download software while the 3DS is asleep – saving precious battery life. Additionally, Nintendo will eventually be providing access to the eShop through smart phones and the internet. This will allow you to watch videos, read reviews and purchase games through a device other than a Nintendo system. While initially you will be given QR codes to scan with your 3DS once you find a game you want to purchase, eventually you will be able to purchase an item on your PC and have it download onto your 3DS.

On top of all this, Nintendo also recently announced the Nintendo Letter Box. This is a free messenger service on the 3DS that allows you to send messages to friends through either SpotPass (wifi) or StreetPass (directly from system to system). The messages you can send include written or drawn messages, 3D photos and even sound clips.

I’m also hoping that when Nintendo releases its 3D video recording service for the 3DS you will also be able to send video clips as well.

As of yet there is no release date for any of these new features.