Batman: Arkham City Delay for PC a Disappointing Announcement

Batman: Arkham CityBatman: Arkham City is to be released on November 18 for the PC, a month after it is available on console.

Once again it seems that the gamer with the mouse is the one suffering, with more and more PC games requiring a monthly subscription or using real money auction houses, we are now left with the prospect of the same games coming out after those on the consoles have already completed them.

PC gaming is considered as the pinnacle of gaming and I for one believe that no gamer has fulfilled his passion without first taking up a game on the PC. However, when games such as Batman: Arkham City are coming out a month later on the PC than they are on the consoles, maybe we should all scrap our PCs for a second-hand console and join in with our fellow console gamers.

As a way to keep us quiet, we are being told that for our patience and understanding that the game (when it finally is released on the PC) will see better controls, better textures and be of a better quality.

In my opinion, PC gaming is not what it used to be and that is unfortunately down to the developers themselves consistently letting us down with delays and other issues, for instance Steam not wanting to let me play Dead Island. It maybe an overused cliche, but perhaps soon PCs may only be used for other things and the only gaming in the future may be on console. That sounds bleak, but time-after-time we find ourselves in the lurch for much needed DLC or some other thing that costs us money simply to play the games we love and adore.

Update: Delayed to November 22nd for NA and November 25th for EU.

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