DotA 2 Has Smart Bots

DotA 2The DotA 2 team has just released a batch of information about their bot implementation in the DotA 2 beta.

These practice bots can communicate with the player through text chat, letting you know such things as when they’re coming into your lane for a gank, when they are retreating from a losing battle, or who they will target in the next team fight.

Players have the ability to give commands to their AI teammates by ‘pinging’ various areas and entities on the minimap. Planned features include scalable difficulty, deeper bot control and support for more heroes. Also included in the beta update are two new playable heroes, Bloodseeker and Kunkka.

The aim here, I believe, is to give new players a chance to compete with the legions of hardcore DotA fans that will undoubtedly be playing this game straight after it’s launch. I’m a fan of learning with smart bots ever since learning tricks from my AI teammates in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Definitely feels like DotA2 is going to come out of the gates at full pace with a lot of features.