NBA 2K12′s Legends Showcase DLC Explained

NBA 2K12′s Legends Showcase DLC comes out today, and producer Ben Bishop gave an interview explaining the DLC in detail.

“We felt like with all the great things we were doing with Legend players in NBA’s Greatest mode, there was still room for more. We really liked the idea of the NBA’s Greatest teams helping to end the debate about the greatest team of all-time. But that left open a pretty big follow-up question: who is the greatest player of all-time? And with that, the Legends Showcase was born.”

The Legends Showcase DLC features over 150 Legends to choose from: from players that were already featured in the NBA’s Greatest feature of NBA 2K12 to all-around legends that hadn’t been featured to players that were simply memorable or would be fun to play as. (The full roster of players is available here, at the bottom of the post.)

The DLC features a specially-designed, outdoor Times Square court and uses a cel-shaded visual effect to create a unique environment for the DLC-specific gameplay. The modes included with the DLC are as follows:

2v2 Teammate Challenge: “Find out who the greatest teammate pairing of all-time is. You choose from one of 15 preset duos and try to take out the rest in games to 11.” Once you beat this mode, “all of the players in the NBA’s Greatest mode become unlocked for use in NBA: Creating a Legend mode.” This allows you to see how the Legends would fair in a modern game.

3v3 Era Challenge: Similar to the 2v2 challenge, this mode features teams of 3 players from the same era pitted against one another. Beat this mode, and “you’ll unlock the ability to use the NBA’s current stars throughout the Legends Showcase.”

H-O-R-S-E: Precisely what you would think this mode to be, H-O-R-S-E allows players to get creative and shoot from virtually anywhere in the environment. To reflect the different nature of the gameplay in this mode, a new mechanic was created to facilitate the shots: pick a spot to shoot from, determine the arc, and then hit a power meter at the right time. All of these things, combined with the player’s skill, will determine whether or not you are successful. The game also allows you to call a bank shot or a swish for added flair.

Game of 21: Included to reflect the outdoor/street style environment of the Legends Showcase DLC, the Game of 21 mode is “a fun representation of the classic playground game we all remember playing as kids.”

Pick-Up Game: Fairly self-explanatory, this mode allows for some of the most flexible gameplay: “You can play from 1-on-1 up to 5-on-5 with the ability to choose what you want for things like Difficulty, Game Style (Casual or Simulation), Winning Score (5-50), Clear Ball (On or Off), Win By 2 (On or Off), and Winners Outs (On or Off).”

Classic Quick Match: This is an online option that will be unlocked with the DLC. “This gives you a chance to play online with all of the NBA’s Greatest teams in a standard simulation setting.”

Players will also be able to import their My Player and see how they fair against the legends.

The Legends Showcase DLC is available in the PSN or Xbox Live store starting today for only $10 or 800 Microsoft Points, respectively. It certainly sounds worth it to me.


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