Scrolls Information Released (and Maybe the Alpha Soon)

ScrollsIn a recent interview with Hat Films, Jakob of Mojang mentioned that Scrolls may soon begin to be released into the wild.

Scrolls is a game that Mojang (and in particular Jakob) have been developing for quite sometime now, as well as the cause of a major court case between Bethesda and Mojang over the rights to the name. The game looks to be a turn based battle type strategy game that incorporates a card game element into it. So basically all we know is that it is nothing like Minecraft!

However, our distinct lack of Scrolls-based knowledge should hopefully be about to change.

Jakob has now said that he is ready to start providing content on the Scrolls website in order to begin to forge some kind of community. Additionally, it seems that the early alpha versions of Scrolls will soon be released, as there was a playable version at Minecon and Jakob has talked about how he doesn’t want to wait very long before getting community feedback.

In fact, it seems that Jakob is really keen on getting the community involved every step of the way with Scrolls. In the Hat Films interview he spoke on how he wants to get players to the point where “they feel like ‘yeah I can really help mould this into something great!’”

Scrolls will initially be released on PC and Mac, with tablet PCs getting a version as soon as is viable. It has no release date as of yet.

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