A Double Slap of Rayman Origins News

Have you played Rayman Origins yet? It’s quite good, if I do say so myself.

Ubisoft announced that last year’s critical darling will land on the 3DS on March 20th, 2012. That is, presumably, after flying through treacherous spiked fruit and dodging rocket-propelled fork missiles on the back of a giant mosquito.

What? Did that not make any sense? Seriously, just play the game already. You’ll thank me.

In addition to 60 or so levels across six worlds, the 3DS version will feature some StreetPass functionality for sharing stats and leaderboard data. Nothing terribly fancy, but it’s good to see somebody giving StreetPass the old college try.

It should be interesting to see how a very intentionally two-dimensional game such as Rayman Origins will look popping out at you from a handheld.

For those of you that may have already experienced Rayman’s newest adventure, or perhaps still need some more convincing, Ubisoft released a “Making Of” video for Rayman Origins. Running just over seven minutes, it’s a must-see if you have any interest in French, French accents, or Rayman Origins.

Try to tell me that the ukulele-wielding man in the diamond-shaped glasses is not the happiest person you’ve seen in a long time. I dare you.

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