A Look at January 2012′s Game Releases

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Holiday celebrations are at an end now (good riddance) and it’s time to look forward at what’s to come in the following months. Well, the following month to be exact.


Guild Wars: Complete Collection – January 2 (PC)Guild Wars: Complete Collection

US gamers enthralled by all the news surrounding Guild Wars 2 can jump into the original game (and its three expansions) for only $29.99. Guild Wars is a no subscription MMO where things that you accomplish in the first game carry over into the sequel. If you’ve held off on The Old Republic but still want a quality MMO experience then check this game out. Alice and Patrick are sure to approve.

Gotham City Impostors – January 10 (PC, 360, PS3)

Never thought that the Batman universe would get an FPS of its own did you? Seriously. Gotham City Impostors doesn’t actually have you playing as Batman and Joker. Instead, you play as wannabe vigilantes, like the ones that were briefly featured in The Dark Knight. These two rival groups have ridiculous weapons and even more ridiculous costumes. It’s ridiculous, but it might be fun. Hey, at least it isn’t another gritty war shooter. It’s a nice change of pace.

King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame – January 10 (PC)King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame

I’ve never been one to put much faith into a game that has to explain its premise in the title. Yep, this is a game centered around the legend of King Arthur. Also, it’s an RTS RPG of sorts. I’ve had an encounter with King Arthur: Fallen Champions, the game that released between King Arthur and its sequel. It had some legs and uses spell casting to good effect in an otherwise small-scale Total War clone. Not my kind of game, though. The series has a cult following of sorts and if you’ve been wanting to mix RPG and RTS then give it a try.

Order Up!! – January 17 (3DS, PS3)

Order Up! was previously released for the Wii as a kind of cross between Cooking Mama and Diner Dash. In it, you cook up food and serve it to your restaurant’s patrons using motion controls. Order Up!! (with two exclamation marks) will feature better graphics and cooperative cooking multiplayer as well as a head-to-head mode. It’s a casual game that might interest anyone who was similarly entranced by Cooking Mama. All-in-all, it looks like something to try out on a lazy afternoon.

Silent Hill HD Collection – January 24 (360, PS3)

Silent Hill is a series that needs no introduction. Instead, I’ll just fill you in on what the HD Collection offers. You get the first.. oh wait, you don’t? OK, you get Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 remastered for the HD console of your choice along with updated in-game voiceover and an updated score to keep the tension high. I likely won’t pick this up because I’m just too plain frightened of the fog.

Oil Rush – January 25 (PC, PS3, Mac, Linux)Oil Rush

The latter half of 2011 brought about a deluge of tower defense titles. Also, Eufloria released for PSN. Think of Oil Rush as a mix between Eufloria and any regular tower defense game. You know what, just think of Oil Rush as Eufloria but bigger and with more boats. I’m quite excited for this game and expect to pick it up when it releases.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – January 31 (360, PS3)

XIII was a disappointment to many (not me) and so this is Square’s chance to make good with the RPG world once again. XIII-2 comes with new tricks (raising monsters) but the same Final Fantasy flair (wings and wardrobe). Cinematic sequences will intertwine with the paradigm-shifting gameplay of XIII in an effort to make every battle streamlined and pretty. I was amazed at the graphics of XIII and I expect to see the same level of quality in this game. I just hope the combat wasn’t broken and auto-battle spam doesn’t last for more than an hour this time.

SoulCalibur V – January 31 (360, PS3)

SoulCalibur V will be releasing later this month, with the odd choice of Ezio from Assassin’s Creed as a playable fighter. The roster includes staples like Mitsurugi (my personal favorite), Cervantes, Siegfried, and Voldo. It’s your staple 3D fighting game reminding us that although we’ve had plenty of 2D or 2.5D fighting games lately, 8 way run is still awesome. This SoulCalibur title will also feature a “Super” meter that’s so commonly found in other fighting games. As one would expect, you use your meter to unleash game-changing attacks.

Never Dead – January 31 (360, PS3)Never Dead

Never Dead is a weird game. It may look like your average swords and gunplay action game (similar to Devil May Cry), complete with bad voice acting and heavy metal soundtrack (Megadeth actually recorded a “Never Dead” song). What sets Never Dead apart from other games is its wacky resemblance to the Katamari games. The immortal protagonist can lose limbs and even his head during combat. You have to roll yourself back together in order to continue fighting. Disgustingly awesome.