League of Legends Now Offers Colorblind Mode

It seems like Riot wants to continue making League of Legends as widely accessible to as many people as possible. Hot on the heels of news about the release of League of Legends in Russia, Riot has now announced the implementation of a Colorblind Mode.

This mode manifests itself in a new set of color palettes that are user-friendly for those players suffering from “deuteranopia (red-green colorblindness).” What with much of the color scheme of the game relying on opposing red and green color schemes, it’s easy to see how confusing this would be for colorblind players.

The new mode was included in the latest patch. For an idea of what the Colorblind Mode looks like, check out the accompanying image.

To see the new colors, hit escape while in a game then go to Options > Video > Advanced Options and checkmark the Colorblind Mode box.

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