Guild Wars 2′s Server Overflow Mechanic is Delightful

Guild Wars 2ArenaNet representative, Martin Kerstein, recently mentioned some of the intricacies of Guild Wars 2′s server overflow mechanic. It looks to make server queues more than bearable.

“It is a technology we also use as our version of a queuing system. When a map or a world you want to log into is at capacity limit, the game will ask you if you want to play on an overflow server – so you can actually play while you are in a queue. Once space opens on your world, the game will ask you if you want to join your friends on your world. And you keep all the progress you made while you were playing on the overflow server.”

This sounds like the most painless queue system devised for an MMO. One that lets you play the game while in line. It’s like eating the ice cream while you wait to pay for it. Something I love to do anyways, but translated into a highly anticipated MMO.

I wonder if you’ll be able to stay in the overflow server indefinitely or if you’ll get thrown into your home server after a set amount of time.

The Guild Wars 2 closed beta is currently underway, with the game’s release confirmed for 2012. The exact date is not yet known.


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