House of the Dead 4 Headed To PSN

House of the Dead 4Put your coins away, House of the Dead 4 is coming to PSN and it appears to be better than ever.

The arcade classic is at last being released for download on PSN for the tiny price of £6.49, a small cost to pay considering the huge number of coins that I sunk into games like this one.

As well as keeping all of the on-rail shooter action, the game is also meant to be PlayStation Move compatible, have a multiplayer mode, and (unusually for an on-rails shooter) boast multiple paths to take you through the game. In addition to this, it also contains a ranking and grading system to track your shot accuracy, additional levels from House of the Dead 4 Special Edition and something mysteriously dubbed “a bonus unlockable PlayStation Home item.”

However, the game is still essentially a re-release of a seven year old arcade game, with limited storyline and visual and audio assets, so maybe we shouldn’t be expecting too much from it.

House of the Dead 4 is being released for download over PSN on April 18th 2012. To get a taster of it, why not view the new trailer below.

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