Minecraft 1.2 Has Been Released

Mojang has officially released the latest Minecraft update, Minecraft 1.2 (1.2.1 if you want to be precise). Simply update the game through the Minecraft launcher to get it.

The update features:

  • “New jungle biome
  • Added ocelots
  • Added cats
  • Added iron golems
  • New AI for mobs
  • Tame wolves can have puppies
  • Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
  • New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
  • New items and blocks
  • Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
  • Added rare drops for mobs
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes”

Another update, 1.2.2 has since been released, adding pine trees and birches.

In addition to all of these new features, the Minecraft launcher itself has been updated to select the 64 bit Java installations for Mac OS X users. To watch the Minecraft 1.2 video, check out Mojang’s official announcement here.

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