Runic Games on Diablo III and Torchlight II Release Dates

Torchlight IITravis Baldree, President and Lead Programmer of Runic Games, has recently posted a reply to the news that Diablo III has a firm release date:

“There’s room enough in the world for more than one Action-RPG. Skyrim came out and it was amazing, GOTY, yadda yadda loved it. Kingdoms of Amalur came out shortly thereafter and did just fine. Hell, if it had sold for twenty bucks, I bet it would have sold even more copies! I am relieved to live in a world where more than one game in a genre can exist at the same time, and that the quality of one product doesn’t invalidate the quality of another.

“We don’t think we’re Blizzard. We don’t have their resources or track record. We just want to make a good game that you will like and feel like you got your money’s worth from, and that we can be happy we made.”

Back when we were still learning about the classes of Torchlight, I made the assumption that it would be released in 2011, before Diablo III. This timing allowed ARPG fans like me to get a great co-op experience while waiting for Diablo III’s release, which was expected for 2012.

Now that Torchlight II is looking to release after Diablo III, some people are worried that it will lose the early release edge that it had.

Runic Games is confident in their game though and the $19.99 price point definitely appeals to the cheap gamer in me. We can be happy in knowing that there are at least two stellar ARPG releases this year. And both of them favor quality over release dates.