Blades of Time: Limited Edition Heading to PC and Mac

Blades of TimeThe recently released and mostly overlooked Blades of Time game won’t be console only much longer. Gaijin Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive have announced that a limited edition version of the game will be coming to PC and Mac users “starting the end of May 2012.”

Blades of Time: Limited Edition will be distributed through retailers North-West Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and South Africa. The game will also be available in digital formats all over the world. Expect many of the popular gaming services to include it.

The limited edition will come with some extras:

  • The Dismal Swamp DLC – Play as Michelle and come into contact with the creatures of Chaos as you embark on a rescue mission that quickly spirals into a battle for survival.
  • Sky Islands map (Outbreak mode) - A limited edition exclusive
  • Blades of Time Art Book – A PDF
  • Pack of Wallpapers – High resolution
  • Original Soundtrack – MP3 format

If you’re looking to see what Blades of Time is all about, read our earlier post on the game. There’s a telling video that shows you exactly what you’re in for.

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