Humble Botanicula Debut Saves Threatened Habitats

Humble Botanicula DebutAnother Humble Bundle is upon us and this time with a new charity.

The Humble Botanicula Debut is the same kind of deal that we’ve been privy to with previous bundles. You can pay what you want, without pesky DRM, and the titles work on PC, Mac and Linux. This bundle is tied to the World Land Trust, a conservation charity that protects threatened habitats acre by acre.

Humble Botanicula games:

  • Botanicula – Point and click exploration game by Amanita Design
  • Machinarium – Point and click puzzle game by Amanita Design
  • Samorost 2 – Point and click adventure game by Amanita Design
Pay more than the average to get these extras:
  • Kooky – A full-length Czech film about a stuffed bear on a quest home. This version is English dubbed and in 720p.
  • Windosill – Point and click puzzle game by Vector Park

In addition to the bundles sold meter and time remaining meter on the Humble Bundle site, there’s also a handy acres preserved meter, which directly converts everyone’s charitable contributions into a meaningful number.

There is one new caveat, though. The Humble Bundle guys had a problem with illegitimate Steam accounts before, which raised the price to $1 minimum if you wanted to get Steam keys. Well now, the minimum price to get Steam keys for this bundle has been raised to $5. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker but be wary if you want to add these games to your Steam library.

The Humble Botanicula Debut looks like a great package if you have younger kids at home. Everything in the bundle is perfect for them.

Head over to the website to get a copy before this bundle expires.

Update: When asked about the new minimum price for Steam keys, Matthew from support said, ”This isn’t the future policy for all bundles, this is just a special case.”