Journey OST is a Top 10 Seller in Over 20 Countries

JourneyRemember in our Journey review when I said that this was one of the all-time great game scores? Apparently a lot of people agree. According to thatgamecompany’s Facebook page, the soundtrack to their masterpiece is at the top of the charts in Japan, second in Spain/Canada, and a top 10 in over a dozen others. Thank goodness for iTunes I suppose.

So, yeah, this is really awesome. Journey is a phenomenal game and a lot of that goes to the score, which ranges from ambient solo horn works that evoke the bright, sun-drenched desert to percussion-driven crescendos that seek to elevate you to the very top of the title’s infamous mountain. If you’re looking for music that transcends even it’s own fantastic game, Journey’s score will surprise you in many, many ways.

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