New Devil May Cry Art Emerges

Devil May CryThere must be something in the air over at Capcom today. As you may have noticed, a metaphorical tonne of information has surfaced about their upcoming games. Amongst this information is two previously unseen pieces of concept art for the upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise (courtesy an official Ninja Theory tweet).

The first image to the left here is possibly the best look we’ve gotten of the new protagonist. The white hair has been traded in for a stylish short black haircut. We can see something around his neck which could be the amulet that Dante has from his mother in older games, the sword is still present and looks pretty much like force edge.

The red trenchcoat has been sacked in favour of a grey/blue mid length hooded jacket. Totally hoping for a fully animated tail on the coat here. There’s also a Union Jack patch on his arm; I wasn’t aware Dante was a fellow brit…

The fingerless gloves remain to ensure that sweaty palms do not impede on the action-packed demon slaying.

The trademark pistols, Ebony and Ivory, are still present with Ivory looking very heavily stylised in this picture and Ebony looking more like a regular pistol.

The trousers appear to be just normal grey jeans that are fairly unremarkable but I’m pretty sure that I own the boots he’s wearing.

A second more action-packed image was also released.

Devil May Cry

Looks like the trenchcoat is back in this image. It swings about, looking all awesome and stuff, as Dante slices up a demon. This image looks pretty damn cool. Actually if the game looks half as good as this then I will be pretty pleased about it. I’ve always liked the DMC games for their reckless approach to action games. The combat is always highly kinetic, explosive and rarely, if ever, boring.

Update: Even more screenshots of Devil May Cry have since been released. Check out our gallery below (courtesy of Game Informer):

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