Possible God of War IV Announcement Teased

God of War IVThough he’s pretty much cleaned the whole pantheon of Greek gods, Kratos may be back for round four. The cover image on PlayStation’s Facebook page teases ominously at a product reveal soon.

People have made claims that the font on the image clearly has a resemblance to the God of War font, but looking at a game box in my hand, I just don’t see it. Still, Kratos is pretty much the embodiment of vengeance at this point. It all fits in that regard.

One has to wonder.. just who will Kratos be killing next? Will the series make the leap to another set of myths? Will we get a Kingdom Hearts-esque romp that has Kratos murdering the likes of Captain Hook, Cruella Deville and Scar? Or maybe Kratos will do battle with aliens.

Stranger things have happened.

We’ll find out exactly what’s going on when April 19, 2012 rolls around the corner. You can bet that whatever it is, it’s gonna be big.

Edit: A second image has been uploaded with the filename “gowa_fb”, which likely stands for God of War announcement on Facebook.

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