Sony’s PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale is Officially Real, Here’s a First Look

Last night (or early this morning), GTTV officially revealed the PS3-exclusive game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game is Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s ever-popular Super Smash Bros. franchise, and will feature a variety of PlayStation-exclusive characters going head-to-head on a variety of maps.

SuperBot Entertainment is a budding new developer whose sole task has been to develop this game for the past 2 1/2 years. Some of the developers are even competitive fighting game players, which lends a unique perspective to the game’s development. The developers have emphasized their desire to combine the worlds of various PS games and characters. They’ve tried their best to listen to fans and create a game to answer the fans’ desires.

The episode of GTTV debuted the first in-game footage from the game and showed us some of the characters and maps.


Each of the characters have three levels, referred to as “supers,” which change the characters’ moves.

  • Kratos – everyone’s favorite revenge-bent, god-slaying angry man from God of War is of course playable, featuring his classic blades and a large hammer as just some of his weapons. His level 1 ability allows him to swipe his sword in front of him in an effort to hit multiple enemies at once. His level 2 ability involves stabbing the ground to create a cyclone, which affects enemies around and above him. His level 3 super transforms him, giving him new armor and a whole new move set.
  • Radec – the stoic yet ruthless colonel from Killzone is another playable character, featuring a lot of weapons from Helghan. Radec’s level 3 ability sees him take off in a jetpack, and then turns the game into first person mode (a nod to Killzone’s fps style) for the person playing Radec. (It reminds me of Snake’s final smash move from SSB Brawl.)
  • Sweet Tooth – the killer clown ice cream truck driver from Twisted Metal who also functions as the series mascot is playable as well, featuring a variety of moves including missiles and standard combat attacks. Of course, he will also be able to transform into his famous ice cream truck.
  • PaRappa the Rapper – the titular rapping dog from the PlayStation rhythm game also makes an appearance, featuring a kung fu melee style, attacks from his skateboard, and music-oriented moves.
  • Fat Princess – another titular character, the rotund royal who relies on the characters from her kingdom to help her win.
  • Sly Cooper – the titular sneaky raccoon also enters the fray, compete with a variety of quick-moving stealth attacks. Rather than the standard block moves given to the rest of the characters, Sly turns completely invisible to evade enemy attacks.

When asked if 3rd party characters from other non-Sony-exclusive games would be added to roster, Chan Park, President of SuperBot Entertainment, said, “Absolutely. Third party is a huge part of PlayStation and we’re definitely going to feature some of those characters in our game.” As to DLC, Park said, “Well, that’s something that needs to be determined, but I definitely think there’s a ton of DLC potential with this game.”

Multiplayer and Single Player

Multiplayer will be online and offline (co-op) with up to four players in any alignment: 1 v 3, 2 v 2, or free-for-all 4 v 4. The online mode will also feature a “robust tournament mode.” Park was loathe to reveal many details about single player, but there will be a boss character. Park did note that there was a “lively debate” over which PlayStation character would be the boss character, adding that he thinks their choice will surprise fans.


Just like SSB, All-Star Battle Royale will feature a variety of maps from the various worlds of its characters. Unlike SSB, however, the maps from All-Star Battle Royale are combinations of two different worlds. The maps shown on GTTV’s show include:

  • A combined┬áPatapon and God of War level, where the little guys in the background throw spears at Hades in an effort to drive him off.
  • A LittleBigPlanet level that starts off simple and is built up (lbp-style) as time goes on, culminating in its background’s transformation into a stage from the latest Buzz! game. This level even features some pop-quiz questions that can aid the player who answers them correctly.
  • According to the Wikipedia page, there are two other confirmed maps at this time: 1.) a crossover between God of War and Ratchet & Clank and 2.) a crossover between Jak & Daxter and Hot Shots Golf.

Perhaps most importantly of all, however, we got a hint at a release date: Holiday Season 2012.

Look out for more information at this year’s E3. In the meantime, check out the GTTV episode here, as well as the first trailer and some screens from the PlayStation Blog below: