Vostok Games Releases First Details for Survarium

SurvariumVostok Games has suddenly jumped into the gaming limelight with their new game, Survarium.

What do we know so far? It’s an MMOFPS set in a post-catastrophic world where man has to survive against each other and against super aggressive wildlife. It’s a little of what we’re used to with a splash of new. Vostok’s newly released FAQ also reveals more about Survarium.

Here are some of the most telling details:

  • Survarium will not be a seamless open world. It’s going to be “session-based” with new locations added constantly.
  • No single player component at all.
  • No offline mode at all.
  • There will be a limited number of players in a single area during every play session.
  • The game’s PVE missions will tell a story.
  • Players can create their own clans.
  • All gameplay content in Survarium will be free.
  • Survival will take priority over combat.
  • The game will have a completely new engine.
  • No randomly generated quests.
  • Premium guns will be offered for real money.
  • There will be an open beta.
  • The game will employ a reputation system for helping others.
  • Missions will force squads to separate and act individually quite often.

A lot of the wording from the FAQ says that Survarium will be instanced and node-based, which makes a lot of sense. The FAQ also emphasizes multiple times that Survarium will not be available offline. That sucks for fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series without reliable internet connections. The issue of parties versus isolationism is also going to be factor. We’ll have to see just how well Vostok Games balances the two.

Read the full FAQ here.

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