Latest Minecraft Update Called “Experimental”

Mojang has released its latest snapshot update, which is labeled as “experimental.” It aims to bring the PC version of Minecraft closer to the Pocket Edition version, in terms of updates and multiplayer.

What does this mean? Well, Mojang explains it thus:

“This week we’ve started working on separating the server logic from the client. The purpose of this is both to make it easier for us to add features (since we don’t have to implement stuff “twice”), and also to make it possible for you to invite people to play on your local computer without setting up a server. In other words, more like how it works on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.”

The update is not yet complete, but the game should still run fine if you decide to check it out.

There are a few other things included in this snapshot:

  • More fixes to silk touch and block picking
  • Wooden tools work in furnaces
  • Villagers spawned from spawning eggs will get a random profession
  • Updated language files

So there you have it. To read the full post from Mojang and get the snapshot for yourself, go here.

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