Arkane Reveals Dishonored Map, Game Length, and Other Details

In the past few days, Arkane Studios has revealed a lot of new information about Dishonored, including the game’s map, length, and other details. You can see the map in the picture at left (click to enlarge).

In the first of a set of weekly Q&As about Dishonored, the Bethesda Blog answered three questions from their fans. The first question was about mana. Some of the mana bar regenerates – enough for powers like Blink and Dark Vision, but mana potions will need to be used in order to refill enough of the mana bar to use powers like Possession or Bend Time. The mana potion will be called “Piero’s Spiritual Remedy.”

The next question was about the number of powers in the game. There will be a large variety of powers from “six major active powers and four enhancements (passive powers)” to forty bone charms that also give players some perks. This is in addition to all of the weapons and gadgets available to players. Just remember that “no one can have all of these things in one playthrough.”

The final, and perhaps most important question to many gamers, is “How long will the game be?” The answer:

“Play-style matters a lot. Very direct players will probably get through the game in 12 or 14 hours. Explorers who eavesdrop a lot will take twice as long.”

12-28 hours may not seem like a very long time to some players, but the game seems to be focusing on replay value with the variety of ways in which players are able to complete each quest.

The latest Dishonored podcast from the Bethesda blog also provided some more information for gamers, including the fact that blink was not always available from the start (and virtually free to use) to players. This change was actually implemented late in game development, which necessitated a review of the game with that ability perpetually in mind. The developers also like to take things that seem like bugs and figure out how to make them work in favor of the player. They may seem a bit overpowered, but it’s in the interest of the player’s enjoyment that such things remain in the game.

The podcast also emphasized the ability of players to go through the game in a completely non-lethal way. It may require a bit more thought and effort on the player’s part, but it is possible. Players are frequently just as able to use abilities in order to get out of bad situations in a stealthy way as they are able to get through guns blazing. In going the non-lethal path, players are able to serve their targets some “poetic justice.”

So what are the developers most looking forward to once the game releases? The YouTube videos that players will be posting. Want more information on Dishonored? Be sure to check out our preview. Dishonored will be making its way to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on October 9, 2012 (North America), October 11, 2012 (Australia), and October 12, 2012 (Europe).

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