Crytek to Go Free to Play After Crysis 3

CrytekCEO Cevat Yerli revealed that the company intends to move to free-to-play online games after work finishes on Crysis 3. Crytek have already made a move into the F2P market with Warface, introduced in Asia in 2010 and expected to reach North America by the end of the year.

Yerli gave Warface as an example of what we will be seeing from the company in the next few years. This indicates high quality, large budget games with no entry fee. The new games will be supported by Crytek’s new streaming interface Gface which moved into beta phase testing in February of this year.

A large, well respected studio like Crytek going free to play is a huge shift economically. If anyone is still doubting the economic power of F2P – watching a triple A studio move into the market as a legitimate business choice, as opposed to a dying MMO trying to eek out more players, is certainly a clear signal that the F2P model is more than likely here to stay.


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