God of War: Ascension Release Date Announced

God of War: AscensionThe Last of Us may have been PlayStation’s heaviest hitter at E3, but we also got to see quite a bit of the new Kratos game in action too. We already had a glimpse of the multiplayer in a past trailer. This time around, we got to stare in awe at the single player.

Not really in awe though, because the Kratos moveset is very familiar at this point. Oddly enough, he does learn a few tricks for this release. For instance, he can chuck spears at foes. He also has a new ground stab attack, clearing enemies around him. We also got to see footage of Kratos manipulating time and going up against enemies much much bigger than him.

This is a prequel so Kratos isn’t a particularly angry individual yet. He actually ended up saving a guy rather than slicing him up for health orbs. On purpose. That honestly stunned me.

This new adventure looks graphically gorgeous. My best looking game of E3 award is a toss-up between this and Watch Dogs (which you absolutely need to see in action). The gameplay doesn’t look refined much, though I can’t know for sure until I get a turn with it.

At the end of it all, a release date has been announced for God of War: Ascension. You can expect it on shelves March 12, 2013, exclusively for the PS3.

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