Possible Half-Life 3 Concept Art Leaked

There has been almost no news concerning Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode 3 since Episode 2. We know nothing about what will happen, what’s being developed, or what it looks like. A few days ago some art was leaked to a Valve fansite, but I thought nothing of it because they said it came from someone anonymous and it very well could have just been a fan.

Valvetime.net picked up the images and have said that the concept art was originally from way back in 2008. So even if this is real artwork from Valve, then we have to take that into account. The art has likely changed a lot in the span of those four years.

Recently, there was a forum post asking about the leaked art and a few Steam forum volunteer moderators commented on the fact that they were certain the concept art was real and that they hoped Valve would soon comment on the art. Most likely this art is not original concept art in my opinion, but some kind of fan art.

As with any news, pictures, videos, etc. that do not come from the direct source, who supposedly produced whatever it is, take this with a grain of salt. Be especially skeptical because it is about Half-Life 3.

If they are real, there are some interesting things in the gallery. It seems we get a look into the Xen overworld and Alyx is wearing Eli’s jacket, so maybe they are going go Russia? Also, it seems they get there by helicopter that then somehow crashes.

In any case, make your own guesses in the comments below after you look through the art.

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