Introducing Nintendo 3DS XL

If you ever thought the Nintendo 3DS screen was too small, you’re in luck. Nintendo is coming out with the 3DS XL soon, which boasts 90% increased screen size for both screens, while only increasing the surface area of the rest of the 3DS by about 46%.

Announced via the latest Nintendo Direct video that released today, the 3DS XL is in response to fans’ desire for larger screens. It will come in a small variety of colors at launch (which vary depending on your region). Here are some specs:

  • The original 3DS screens are 3.53 (top) and 3.02 (bottom) inches, while the 3DS XL boasts 4.88 (top) and 4.18 (bottom) inch screens.
  • The 3DS dimensions when closed are 134 mm (length) x 74 mm (width) x 21 mm (height); the 3DS XL is 156 mm x 93 mm x 22 mm.
  • The 3DS weighs 235 g, while the 3DS XL weighs 336 g.

What’s most interesting to me is that the battery life of the 3DS XL is actually longer than the 3DS. The short battery life has been a long-standing complaint amongst 3DS users for some time, so to hear that they’ve increased the battery life for the XL is great, particularly since larger screens will require more energy. It’s not much of an increase ( .5 hours for 3DS games and up to 2 hours for the non-3DS games), but any increase is welcomed.

When you buy the 3DS XL, you will get a bundled SD card with a 4 GB capacity, which is double the size of the SD card players received when they purchased the 3DS. To make the bundle more affordable, Nintendo is leaving out the charger and the mount, figuring that you probably have one from the older handhelds like the DSi, DS XL, or 3DS. The 3DS XL charger and mount will be sold in a separate bundle, should you need to buy them. (However, the North American bundle will include a charger.)

The Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in Japan and Europe on July 28th, 2012. North America will have to wait until August 19, 2012 to buy the $199.99 bundle that includes the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game.

Personally, I think this is just silly. The 3DS is supposed to be a handheld device, Nintendo, not something nearing the size of a book.

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