Monster Hunter 4 Coming Spring 2013

At the Capcom Summer Jam in Odaiba, a trailer for the upcoming game, Monster Hunter 4, played. At the end of the trailer, a release window was revealed: Spring 2013. While no trailer has yet been released on the internet, pictures and a description of it are below.

Via Andriasang, who translated’s summary:

“the trailer began by showing hunters gathering in what appeared to be a monster nest. A monster that looked like Rathian came swooping down from the sky, breathing fire.

The trailer continued with what looked like a new field — a vast golden plain. As the hunters ran around the field, Famitsu’s reporters spotted, as one would expect, Felynes following them.

Then, a new monster, which looked a bit like a fox, but whose movements were swift like a monkey. Standout features for the new monster appear to be big ears and claws.

Other monsters included Tigrex and Rathalos. Hunters were shown facing off against these beasts with new actions: one hunter jumping off a cliff into an attack, another attacking by climbing up a monster’s back.

Before coming to a close with the Spring 2013 time frame, the trailer showed a silhouette of another new monster, this one large, and apparently swift.”

Another interesting tidbit of information is that the “4″ in Monster Hunter 4 is pronounced “four.” Previous titles have been “dos” for 2 and “tri” for 3. Check out the pictures (courtesy of taken of the trailer below:

Update: The trailer is now available for viewing below.

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