Okami HD Coming to PSN This Fall

Capcom has announced that Okami will be getting the HD treatment this fall. The critically acclaimed game will be coming in HD exclusively to the PSN for $19.99.

In addition to the already-beautiful graphics being rendered in stunning HD, the version of Okami that players will be downloading via the PSN will have move support and a set of trophies. Specifically, the move support will be used by players to control the Celestial Brush. (Don’t worry: if you don’t have a PS Move controller, or if you don’t feel like using yours, you can use the standard PS3 controller as well.) There will be a total of 51 trophies to acquire, including a platinum trophy.

I have not played Okami, but I’ve always been interested and this HD version looks pretty awesome. Think I might be picking this game up come fall. But enough from me.

Check out the reveal trailer below and see some side-by-side comparisons of the PS2 vs. HD/PS3 versions of the game:

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