ZombiU Trailer Showcases Wii U Controller

Ubisoft’s zombie game for the Wii U is far from Nintendo’s usual cheery crowd of Mario, Link, and Sonic frolicking through brightly colored worlds. A survival shooter, ZombiU is an exclusive title for the Wii U.

This so-called “Controller Trailer” does more than just show off the game, however. It illustrates the capability of the Wii U and gives gamers an idea of what it might be like to play a Wii U title. The trailer shows off a myriad of controller-specific aspects of the game:

  • Sonar – the GamePad will double as a sonar screen, allowing players to access a map that shows where zombies are in the surrounding area (useful for checking inside of buildings before opening the door)
  • Inventory – use the GamePad to access your inventory as you play without pausing the game
  • Scanner – hold the GamePad up to the screen to scan the objects around you and gain more information
  • Sniper – the GamePad screen becomes a set of sniper crosshairs
  • Security Cameras – the GamePad screen shows a set of security cameras which you can then select from to look at more closely. Select a specific zombie on the TV screen and the GamePad screen will display more information, such as the zombie’s level
  • Break Free – if a zombie grabs you, hold up the GamePad and shake it to break free. The GamePad’s screen also gives you a first person perspective, while the TV remains third person
  • Door Hacking – use the GamePad to punch numbers into the door pad. Meanwhile, you can panic as you see the zombies drawing closer to your character on the TV screen
  • Finishing Moves – use the GamePad to switch weapons and then swing the controller in order to execute attacks

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the trailer. It’s exciting to see a grittier game coming to a Nintendo console, but it still doesn’t look all that compelling. Just another zombie shooter to me. Seeing the controller in action (so to speak) is more interesting. I like the variety of things you can do with the controller, but then it also feels like you end up doing too much.

Not having the chance to experience this game myself, I have no idea whether such controls will remain clunky or smooth out as you continue to play, but I just think some of the things you use the GamePad for are a bit excessive. The inventory makes sense, but the sniper crosshairs you might as well leave on the TV screen.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

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