Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Release Date and Features Announced

Baldur’s Gate, one of the most popular RPGs in PC gaming history is being remade with enhanced graphics, fewer bugs, and more content. You can pre-order it now for PC or Mac for $18 or buy it for $20 when it is released on September 18th.  The game includes new characters, new story lines, and features that were in Baldur’s Gate II.

There are three new sidekicks: a half-orc Blackguard named Dorn, a half-elf Wild Mage named Neera, and a human monk named Rasaad. Along with that comes a new story arc to follow that the developer, Beamdog, says will take roughly 6 hours to complete. There is also a new dungeon to explore in the Underdark, called The Black Pits.

Half-Orc Blackguard Dorn

The classes, races, and kits that are offered in Baldur’s Gate II will be in Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition as well. It will also offer cross-platform multiplayer, which is a nice feature that I am guessing was quite difficult to implement, as the game will be offered on a few platforms.

You can buy the game for PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet. The iPad version will only be $10, but the new sidekicks and other features will be DLC for the game. The iPad version does not have a release date set, but Beamdog says it will release around the same time as the PC/Mac version. There is no launch window yet for the Android.

In addition, Beamdog has expressed an interest in making Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition in the future, so keep an eye out for information on that.



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