Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to Have New Content

When gamers like to talk about any kind of top 10 list or something similar, the Baldur’s Gate series almost always comes up, especially when the list concerns PC games specifically. Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is set to be released in September. News broke about an enhanced edition months ago and now some new information has come out about the enhanced edition. We know the graphics will be overhauled, but from there what else could they do?

Well, Trent Oster of  Beamdog, the company updating Baldur’s Gate, says that there will be new content for Baldur’s Gate in the form of DLC. Oster was very specific in saying that the DLC will not simply be a repackaging of old, already-made content from the game, but whole new stories and even new characters as well. Oster even talks about how when they began work on the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition they brought in original people who worked on the game to do some writing for content, etc.

Many people may be in outrage over the fact that they are already pushing for some kind of DLC. Well, they promised us an enhanced edition, which we are getting. The DLC is definitely a bonus to that, something that you have the choice to participate in or not. The DLC will likely not be game-changing, nor be massively significant in any way to parts of the main narrative. The fact that they are adding something new to this exciting old series should be enough.


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