Company of Heroes 2 Introduces Innovative Weather Mechanic

THQ has announced a new system players will have to be wary of when playing Company of Heroes 2: cold weather, specifically those cold and barren Russian winters. They have been the downfall of many armies in the past, like Napoleon and, to some extent, Hitler. Learning how to use the elements to your advantage or learning how to survive them is imperative to being a good military leader.

The new system, created by Relic’s new Essence Engine 3.0, will make you have to pay attention to various aspects of your army. You have to worry about how much ice is building up on your equipment and weapons, because that will slow movement down dramatically. And, if unchecked, maybe destroy said equipment. You can have your soldiers break/melt the ice off, but it will slowly return.

Depth of snow will play a big factor too. It determines how quickly you can move. If you create tracks with a vehicle, your vehicles and units will move quicker on those tracks. But, if you don’t use the tracks enough, fresh snow can cover them up, forcing you to have to remake them.

The ice will affect the environments in various ways as well. Various environmental set ups will be around that could potentially trap/destroy your troops and vehicles. One example of this is a frozen lake. If you move onto a lake with something too large, or a lake with a crack already in it, then there is a chance that whatever was on top of it will fall through.

This is the basic overview of what the new mechanic will entail, as I am sure we will find out more soon.

Check out the interview below that the game director of Company of Heroes 2, Quinn Duffy, had with Also, take a look at some of the screenshots showcasing the mechanic.


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