EA to Go 100% Digital

EA is a titan of a publisher in the gaming world. It has its fingers in almost everything. Some other companies may look at EA as some kind of leader on the forefront, for their size, but who really knows.

In a recent interview, Frank Gibeau, the EA labels president said:

“…we’re going to be a 100% digital company, period. It’s going to be there some day. It’s inevitable.”

Wait, before you read too much into that, Gibeau says that does not mean we as consumers cannot purchase the game from a retail store, “We’ll continue to deliver games in whatever media formats make sense and as one ebbs and one starts to flow, we’ll go in that direction.” So not really 100% digital, but with a strong emphasis on digital.

What does this mean? We will likely see a lot more Origin being thrown in our faces, forcing us to use it. Anybody remember this? EA basically said Origin was Facebook and Steam was Myspace. Honestly, that is not only an incorrect comparison, but downright stupid.

Steam is a perfect platform, already established, which could do all the publisher logistics work for EA. Why not partner up once more with one of the platforms that gamers absolutely are in love with? Doesn’t make sense to me. So expect a lot more Origin in the future for a ton of EA games, like Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dead Space, and more.