EU Courts Decides Digital Software is Legal for Resale

European fans of second hand goods are rejoicing across the European Union, while software developers and publishers that do business on digital fronts across the EU are groaning collectively at this new headache they have to contend with.

The EU Court of Justice has decided that, yeah, it’s totally okay to resell that digital copy of a game you bought off of Steam or Origin. Meaning that every end user license agreement that says you can’t resell that digital game is effectively null and void.

No word has been passed down yet from major digital retailers as to how companies will bend to accomodate these changes in areas applicable to the ruling such as distribution platforms and EULAs.

Without these systems in place, selling that digital game you don’t want anymore remains a tricky proposition since the court’s ruling adds on numerous regulations that must be complied with before a sale can be considered legal.

You can view the full details of the court ruling in relatively plain English here.