Halo 4 Forge to Have Magnets, Player Trait Zones, But No Undo

Rooster Teeth, the team behind Achievement Hunter’s Halo HORSE games, is in the middle of its RTX event and already details about Halo 4 Forge have come pouring out. You can check out a list of the details below.

There’s a video preview of the Forge here, but if you don’t feel like watching all 16 minutes, the main points are below (as compiled on reddit):

  • There will be “3 large environments (maps)”
  • When your reticle is over an object, the object will be highlighted
  • There is now a “lock” object feature
  • You can duplicate objects (without finding it in the menus again)
  • There is now a “magnet” system where you can easily connect objects to other objects. (Makes a bridge perfectly aligned. Also works for walls, structures, etc.)
  • Dynamic lighting for all Foregable objects (accepts shadows from the environment and casts shadows as well)
  • No weather settings for Forge
  • Hinted that objects will change to match the theme of the map
  • You can make zones (much like Reach) and when in the zone, the player’s traits will change (speed, gravity, health, etc.)
  • They made a playable H.O.R.S.E. map in Halo 4′s Forge
  • New purple “volumes” that will affect players and vehicles. It can boost them, slow them down, and move them to the sides
  • No undo feature for Forge. An undo feature is a “huge undertaking”, “the magnet feature will hopefully reduce mistakes.”
  • $1,000,000 budget on the demo of the map

The video also confirmed some new weapons, including the Light Rifle (Promethean), which “will have a three-shot burst when out of zoom, and a more powerful one-shot burst while in zoom,” and the Human Shotgun (picture here). Some other details gleaned from the video about Halo 4 in general include:

  • When damaged, unlike the E3 build (red arrows near the reticle), the red damage indicator is on the sides of the screen.
  • Impressive lighting on weapons
  • Trip Mines confirmed
  • Gameplay from the viewpoint of a Banshee
  • Next to the player’s name while in-game (bottom right corner, not the in-game lobby), their emblem appears
  • Spartan Ops will be playable at Comic-Con
  • There will be a “huge” amount of book cannon in Halo 4
  • Lowering and dropping weapons will be supported in multiplayer
  • Characters specific to the end of Ghost of Onyx will not be in Halo 4. Their stories will be “cleaned up” in the trilogy

For a closer look at the Player Trait zones, check out the video below:

And, just for fun, check out this video of Achievement Hunter’s Jack and Geoff playing HORSE (or in this case, PIG) on Halo 4 Forge:



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