Join a Wolfpack and Play Co-Op Multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed III

There was a rumor floating around about Assassin’s Creed III having online co-op multiplayer. This rumor has now been confirmed as Ubisoft officially unveiled it at Comic Con. The co-op is featured in a new mode titled “Wolf Pack.”

Wolf Pack is a wave based mode that facilitates up to four players at once. Players will have to join forces to assassinate targets while racing against a timer. You can increase the timer on the clock by performing kills. Executing kills with greater skill or style will result in bonus XP, which can then be used to unlock new in-game content. There are 25 waves of increasing difficulty.

But the mode isn’t just a matter of finding your target and killing him. Your target can and will fight back – personally or via lookouts and decoys.

To get a look at the new mode, check out IGN’s hands-on coverage.

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