Minecraft 1.3 Update is Around the Corner

In this week’s Minecraft snapshot post, Mojang announced the official release date for Minecraft 1.3: August 1, 2012. That’s not too far away. The announcement details exactly what’s to come with the Minecraft 1.3 update, but here’s a summary:

The biggest change is that the multiplayer and single player aspects of the game are getting merged. Everyone will be playing multiplayer games. Before you panic, just remember that multiplayer games can be solo, so no, you won’t be forced to play with other people if you don’t want to. This change will make fixing bugs and making mods much smoother and easier.

Here are the things that were added or improved in the update:

  • Due to the above mentioned merge, single player worlds will now be shareable with friends on the same local network
  • Similarly, multiplayer commands can now be used in single player if cheats are enabled
  • Multiplayer should be smoother with measures to prevent session stealing and to make chatting better
  • Added: emeralds, tripwire, stairs, half-slabs, cocoa plants, and more
  • Players will be able to write in books, which others can read
  • New terrain features have been added and the ability to use a “bonus chest” when starting a game to speed things up
  • A trading system has been added, enabling players to buy items from villagers

Now the consequences of the update as well as things left out:

  • Due to everyone now playing multiplayer, the game takes a bit more to run on your computer
  • The lightning issue was too complicated and has been pushed back to update 1.4
  • The modding API is missing; Mojang wanted to push out the update sooner
  • Only a very basic version of “adventure mode” will be included; this will be improved with future updates

An even more detailed list of the changes can be found here. A “release candidate” version of update 1.3 will be released a week prior to August 1. This will be very close, if not identical, to the actual release and is designed to give server administrators and modders more time to prepare for the update.


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