Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Has Sold 3 Million

Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionPerhaps this news isn’t entirely surprising given that Minecraft for Xbox 360 sold 1 million copies in the first five days, but it is still noteworthy. The announcement came via a tweet from Minecraft creator, Notch:

“I got told Minecraft for XBLA passed three million sales today!”

What’s most remarkable about Minecraft’s success is that no other game on Xbox Live Arcade has sold that many copies, despite having years to make sales. The next closest game is Castle Crashers, which is nearing 2.9 million after four years.

The Xbox version of Minecraft is still a bit behind the PC version, but so far a few patches have been released. The most recent patch came out only last week, and you can find the details here. Perhaps these updates have been reassuring enough to convince the other 2 million to buy the game.


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