New Batman Game from Rocksteady Set in 1950s

Batman: Arkham CityThe 1950s are considered the “Silver Era” of DC comics because comics were massively successful during that time. Rocksteady has decided to recapture that time in their new Batman game that will chronicle Batman’s first dealings with the Joker (although the Joker was first put into a comic in 1940). If you have played Batman: Arkham Asylum or Arkham City, you know this will likely be pretty awesome.

What we will almost definitely see in the game is some sort of feature of the Justice League, that is Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc. Why? Warner Brothers (who owns DC comics) is gearing everything towards a Justice League movie after the success of The Avengers. We already saw some of them in LEGO Batman 2.

We know something else too. Mark Hamil, who voiced the Joker in the first two games, will not be returning – or at least that is what he said so far. I think he said after Asylum he was done, too. Who knows, maybe Hamill will pull a Brett Favre on us.

This is all very new, and we likely won’t see the game until sometime in 2014, but check back here for more news!


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