New Crysis 3 Screenshots Leaked

Crysis 3As the title says, some new Crysis 3 screenshots have been leaked from the blog of Pierre-Yves Donzallaz, a senior lighting artist at Crytek. The images have been taken down but not before they were downloaded by a good chunk of the internet.

In these shots we get a rather spectacular view of a New York City that is covered in nature. Some of it looks rather generic (the inside corridor for example), but the views of New York are rather beautiful.

I am still skeptical though, because these screenshots are obviously from a PC  with the highest graphical settings possible. It just makes me wonder how the look will transfer to consoles, especially the Xbox 360. Graphics have always been important to the Crysis franchise, so we will see how it turns out later.

Enough about that, check out the screenshots below. As of now, the release is tentatively set at February 2013.

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