Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition to Improve as Pre-Orders Increase

Namco Bandai are attempting to increase the pre-orders list for their upcoming title Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, by offering more incentives as more people sign up for it early. Namco stated, “As the Wizard’s Edition pre-order numbers rise, additional Wizard’s Edition items will be unlocked when pre-established levels of pre-orders are reached.”

The Wizard’s Edition will retail at $99.99 and currently offers a beautiful hardback spellbook, a stuffed toy of Drippy, concept art and of course some DLC. Namco have created Ninostarter, a program which tracks the amount of people signing up to pre-order, and as the numbers rise the extra content will be unlocked.

Orders will be accepted through Club Namco until August 31st, when the promotion will end. So far Namco are keeping quiet regarding what will be added to the package, but fingers crossed it’ll be something awesome! Although I’m not sure there’s much that will top that spellbook… it’s just incredible.


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