Origin 9.0 Updates and Features Detailed

EA has taken the advice, suggestions, and complaints of the community into consideration to come up with a significant update to Origin. These are all functional changes mind you, like easier navigation through menus.

The Origin overlay will now have a clock added to it, so you can easily check the time. The friends list is no longer locked into Origin, but a separate window that you can move around for easier chatting. The download and install buttons have been moved to a new pop out window from the game. Also, the menus have been changed and include more options, like viewing your order history.

Origin 9.0 does add a little bit of customization. What you can do is change the image size with a slider at the top of the various games in your games library, that’s about it. Not a lot of changes there. This is still good though, as it seems it was community-driven, so hopefully EA will continue this sort of behavior in the future.

This update is not out yet, but I would bet that we can expect to see it in the near future. You can check out more about this here.