OUYA Reaches $5 Million, Releases Update

OUYA, the $99 open console with an Android OS that broke records on Kickstarter last week, has officially passed the $5 million mark with the help of nearly 40,000 backers. To celebrate, the developers released a new update.

The update introduces backers to Muffi Ghadiali (the lovely gentleman in the picture at left), one of the major people working on OUYA. He previously worked at Lab126, which is a part of Amazon, working on Kindles. Here’s a small part of what Muffi had to say:

“I joined OUYA because I saw–early on–the potential for an open technology to change how gaming works. Gamers are unique. They are sophisticated and they follow products from the first idea all the way to market. For a product guy like me, that’s exciting. We’re getting a lot of feedback, great support and lots of questions. Sometimes those are tough questions but they keep me at the top of my game. It’s pretty cool that Kickstarter facilitates a direct dialogue with future users.”

Here are some of the things the OUYA team is working on now:

  • They’re trying to get an SDK in developers’ hands as soon as possible.
  • Initially, the SDK will be little more than an upgrade to the Android SDK plus game promotion and an ability to charge OUYA customers, but they’ll be adding more as development progresses.
  • NVIDIA is on board, helping the OUYA team make decisions regarding production designs and device manufacturers.
  • The Tegra 3 chips are being optimized as much as possible (also with the help of NVIDIA). The OUYA team boasts, “We’ll be able to support some intense games.”
  • Also, as many backers were demanding, an Ethernet jack will be added to the console.

The update also mentions, however, that we can’t expect too many more spec changes. That’s a bummer.