Playdead Releases LIMBO: Special Edition

Limbo is easily one of the best games of this console generation, but a lot of people felt a little sour when they discovered they payed upwards of 15 bucks for a 3 hour game. I can understand the feeling and apparently so can Playdead; they’ve released a physical (DRM-free!) disc, special edition of Limbo for both PC and Mac. The special edition comes with both the PC and Mac versions, a stand-alone soundtrack, art cards, and 3D glasses.

It’s available today at Playdead’s Amazon page for $24.99. If you haven’t played LIMBO, I heavily recommend it. Ignore the “hipster garbage” baggage it’s acclimated from internet trolls: LIMBO is the real deal, a puzzle-platformer with a lot to say and tons of crushing atmosphere.

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